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Who Can Do This?

Anyone who cares about our kids and the future of this nation can.

All it takes is 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week, to read and discuss a great book the PTR™ way to build a love of reading, communication skills, a quality vocabulary, and high level comprehension.  They key is to lock in the love of reading  BEFORE your child loses it in school.  By preparing our kids with the love of reading, teachers will be able to teach and our children will be able to learn.


Point to Reading

TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO, 8 year olds could read and understand the Bible, and commonly entered university by 14.  The exam for eighth graders offered in 1912 would be difficult for many college grads to pass today.  When PTR says a 6 or 7 year old can be reading at an 8th grade level in a year, why are we surprised? If children could do it two hundred years ago, before modern teaching methods, why not today? For reasons explained in PTR, our kids are giving up on reading in third grade.  We must build the love of reading quickly, and make it fun, so our children become great readers BEFORE they want to give up.

We can do this.

Hope for the Future

Through the Love of Reading

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Watch this video from a daughter and mom who started PTR™ when she was  not yet six. Notice what each of them says was the most valuable part about the whole experience. This can be your story, too, in 2014.

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