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Making your child wait for school to learn to read is like making him wait until he joins a baseball team to learn how to throw and catch.

About PTR


If your child is a beginner, or is already reading around his or her grade level (but nowhere near what is possible), get started. You and your child will enjoy the relationship the two of you will build together while enjoying a great story. For the investment of 30 minutes, a few times a week, your family has so much to gain. I hope you will join with your child in this wonderful adventure called Point to Reading.


The hardest part about Point to Reading is believing it can be so easy. You will learn a way to read with your child that makes so much sense that you will wonder why we've been doing it the hard way for so long. Some parents see improvement in their child's reading ability the first day. Within weeks, the changes become obvious. In a matter of months, your child will be many grade levels ahead of where you started.

 What are the right answers?

Preparing your children for the future, until now, hasn’t been easy. With all the news about failing schools, declining test scores and increasing world competition, education and reading have never been more important. Making a mistake with your child’s education is not a good option. TV learning shows and computer programs are supposed to make kids good readers. Some experts say we should push them to learn when they are babies; some say to wait for the school to do it. Bookstores are full of workbooks and readers. How do you make sense of all this without a teacher's degree? The answer is so easy, it will surprise you.

Point to Reading works for the following reasons:

  1. Children (and adults) like to do what is fun and easy. PTR avoids boring and hard tasks and instead focuses on reading being enjoyable.

  2. The one-on-one parent/child relationship is one of the most important keys to learning. You become the guide who leads your child though the jungle to safety, preventing him or her from getting lost along the way. By not quitting until the goal is reached, you guarantee your child's success.

  3. Children are way smarter than we think, and can learn much faster than we let them. When we make the learning process take too long, kids get bored and quit. PTR works so fast, they don't get the chance to give up.

  4. Reading is about understanding and enjoying a story—not making it a boring task. Your child begins to learn the skill of comprehension (understanding a story) from the very first page the two of you read the Point to Reading way.

  5. PTR prepares children for school so they'll succeed. Children who show up at school unable to read (one of the most basic skills necessary for education) are pretty much guaranteed to struggle.

Point to Reading is parent and kid friendly.

Instead of a technical manual for teachers, Point to Reading is written for parents. This book is written as simply as possible - to be easy to read and just as easy to understand. The sole purpose is to show you how your child can quickly and easily love reading and be really good at it. As you read the very simple ideas which make PTR work, you will see it makes plain common sense. One thing is hard to deny—the results of many parents and children show that Point to Reading works.

What can you expect from Point to Reading?  Results!

Comprehension. Communication Skill. Excellent Vocabulary. A Love of Reading and Learning. Confidence. That may seem like some big promises from something that is supposed to be easy to learn and do. You may have noticed I didn't even mention "learning to read". Most reading programs only focus on learning to read. PTR focuses on everything else, and in less than a year your child will have all this, plus an excellent reading ability.


Learning to read is so easy, even a six year old can do it.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

Dorothy Parker