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The Vision of Point to Reading

All it will take is for those of us who care about reading and the future of our kids to  step up and mentor one child the PTR™ way. In only 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week for 6-8 months, one child can receive all the benefits that come with a love of reading.

The Big Vision:If one out of ten step up, we'll raise up every child in every elementary school in the whole country to loving to read and being really good at it.

The Legacy of Literacy
Legacy is what we pass down, parent to child, generation to generation. Some families have a Legacy of Literacy as parents pass their love of reading to their children. Many families do not. When parents don't read, they pass their disinterest in reading down to their children, too. A family can begin a new Legacy if one parent will build the love of reading in their children. Once started, history shows that legacies tend to self-perpetuate.

Jumpstarting a new Legacy in a family
A major challenge to Education in America is that many adults just don't like to read. As many as 40% of parents don't read to their kids at all. Many will not see this website or ever read my book.Without help, many families will continue their Legacy of NOT reading. What can we do?

All it takes to jumpstart a car is a good battery with a strong charge. One person who cares can jumpstart the love of reading into another family by simply volunteering for 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Imagine blessing a family for generations to come.

Transforming Education in America

On Sept 12, 1962, President Kennedy stated the goal that America would put a man on the moon within eight years. Many thought it a crazy idea that wouldn't work. It had never been done it before, and we had no idea what good it might be, except getting there before the Russians. Your ability to read this page on a screamin' fast computer over a thing called the Internet is just one benefit of that dream.

Thinking Big

Point to Reading

Hope for the Future

Through the Love of Reading

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Will you be One of the Ones who do it?

A fire is necessary to start another fire.

All it takes is wood to keep one going.

The Key to Success is Preparation

One mistake is not preparing our children with an excellent reading ability before they get to school. The book (PTR™) takes time to explain why this matters. The very few who come to school with a solid reading ability are better able to learn and succeed in all their subjects. The prepared get constant reinforcement that they are "smart". The majority who come to school with little or no reading ability face challenges in ability to learn. Knowing your alphabet and able to read picture books is not prepared. Even worse, many kids come to believe early on that they are just not smart like the other kids. Once a child decides he's not smart, game over.

I use the true story of a boy (me) wanting to play Little League baseball, but he doesn't throw or catch well. Not being as good as the other boys, he gets the worst position (right field) and spends most of his time on the bench. The little he does play, the other kids laugh when he messes up, That little boy learns early that "I'm no good at it, and probably never will be." What you do with your child in the years before school will make a huge difference.

The Result of Preparing All Our Children

Picture in your mind a few years from now. Parents and friends have stepped up all over the country. It is now common for 3rd and 4th graders to be able to read at a level once called an 8th grade ability. Our children like to read and are able to do their homework, coming to school prepared to learn. They can understand what the teacher is teaching, and are glad to be in school because they are learning. Children become good at what they like, and they usually like what they are good at. Now teachers are happy because they can do what they trained for in college - teaching. Is this nothing but a dream? Does anybody have a better one?

If we can figure out how to send men to the moon and bring them back alive;

if we can figure out how to make a phone that fits in your pocket and has more power than the computer which took those men to the moon and back;

then we can do what it takes for all our children to be the best readers possible.