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What is Reading without Comprehension?

Wave after wave of children go through school who hate reading. Why? Because they never learned to understand what they were reading. What have we been doing wrong? We've been making two mistakes.

1. We've taught reading for Performance instead of for Enjoyment.Our methods have aimed for not much more than a mechanical ability to pronounce words, instead of a focus on enjoying great stories.

Perform for the teacher.

Perform for tests and grades.

Reading was made into being a boring job instead of a pleasure.

2. We've believed something that just isn't true. "If we just teach them to read, then the understanding will come later."

According to the 2011 NCES test results, two out of three fourth and eighth graders are reading below government standards. Not Good.

Present reading methods can ruin comprehension, and make reading boring and painful. There comes a moment when students decide that "reading is too hard, and I'm never going to be good at it." Then they just give up on reading. It's not happening in high school; sadly, it's as early as 3rd grade.

Begin a 'Love of Reading' Adventure Today!
"If you wait for someone else to build the love of reading in your child, there's an awfully big chance it won't happen."

Think back to when you learned to read. Was it fun and easy, or one more boring thing you had to do in school? For decades, we've made reading an unpleasant task, and then we wonder why our kids fail tests, or why so many drop out? What if our kids learned to love reading, instead of hating it? PTR™ is about the Love of Reading, and our kids becoming the best readers they can possibly be in the shortest time possible.

In PTR, you come to understand this Window of Opportunity and how it's the best time for learning. The Breaking Point will explain why children give up on reading, and how failure can be avoided. The Key to Comprehension reveals why people struggle to understand what they read, and the way to build powerful comprehension skills. In the shortest time possible, your child can go to school as an excellent reader.

Many common learning problems are solved using PTR. A strong vocabulary and proper use of grammar come by reading great books. Kids learn about good writing by reading quality books, in addition to the knowledge they gain from great minds. As excellent readers, they will be prepared to do well in school. Reading and talking about the story with your kids builds skills in comprehension and communication. Best of all is the relationship you develop sharing the adventure of reading together. With Point to Reading you will strengthen your children's belief in themselves in a constructive way.

Easy and fun is what sets PTR apart, making this reading method work so well. You will be happy you don't need special degrees or training to do Point to Reading. No expensive equipment needed. Have you found the secret message in this article yet? The key to your child's reading and future is the TIME you spend with your child, enjoying a great story the PTR way.


"Making your child wait for school to learn to read is like making him wait until he joins a baseball team to learn how to throw and catch."


is the key

to success.

The relationship between letters gives meaning to words.

The relationship between words gives meaning to the story. Without relationship and meaning, words are nothing more than black marks on a page.