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Over the last hundred years, the importance of reading and understanding the Bible has been forgotten by Christians and non-Christians alike.  For centuries, the Bible was respected as the source of wisdom in all areas of life, even for people who didn't belong to a church. The Bible was once taught as a core subject in school, but was gradually removed from the curriculum around fifty years ago. Some suggest that many of the problems of modern life have gotten worse due to the neglect of this very important book.

For the Non-Christian

The wise advice given in the book of Proverbs does not depend on whether one is a Christian to make it true and useful. The Bible's value for understanding history and for insight into the peoples and cultures existing before two thousand years ago can not be disputed. Even today, there still exist many common expressions which were born out of these writings of the ancient Hebrews. Much of our legal system, including our Constitution, was borrowed from the laws of Moses. To not know the Bible is to be ignorant of much of our history, and its wise counsel.

For the Christian

Everything said about the value of the Bible for the non-Christian is true for the Christian. But, for the Christian, there is a meaning that goes far beyond its intellectual value as a book of history, ethics and personal growth. This additional meaning comes from the nature of the faith as a personal relationship with the Lord. In this context of relationship, we come to see the Word, His words, as time to be in His presence and to hear His voice. It is very much like receiving a letter from a best friend. We read it often because we cherish what has been written to us. It is hard to imagine an excuse good enough to allow one to neglect this habit.

Books have already been written on all the reasons for reading the Bible, so that is not the focus of PTR™ the Bible. It starts with the agreement that regular Bible reading is a good habit. It also recognizes that many people don't do it for the same reasons that so many adults do not like to read anything, let alone the Bible. Instead of accepting the current level of Bible reading as "this is the way it is and there's nothing we can do about it" this book shows how to lead anyone into building the habit of regular Bible reading. Using the ideas taught in the original Point to Reading™ book, you can lead a friend enjoyably into a new habit.

A True Form of Discipleship

Following the instructions of Matthew 28, we offer the benefit of personal relationship to help a friend to get past the difficult parts of becoming a regular Bible reader. For some that may be helping a student improve his reading ability. For most, it will be the understanding that comes through discussing the meaning of the stories. The combination of a better reading ability and improved understanding is what makes reading fun and easy.This is certainly true for reading the Bible.

In addition to the ability which comes through practice, it is the "daily doing" itself which is necessary for building a habit. Your presence is the encouragement which helps your friend during the time he is building the habit. Having a guide, a mentor, is the key that keeps most people from giving up during the early and difficult parts.

Who Can Use This?

You may be the pastor of a church and want to build the habit of regular Bible reading in your congregation. A parent can use Point to Reading™ the Bibleto start this habit in the family. You may even have a friend who is not a member of your church, but who would like to grow a knowledge of the Bible. That friend may be someone who is not a Christian, but would rather learn about the Bible from someone he already knows and trusts. One does not need a degree from a Bible college to read the Bible with another friend. All that is needed is a love for the Bible and a willingness to share it with another.

AP Feb. 4th, 2014"More Americans check Facebook daily than read the Bible."

"A 2006 CBS News poll found 15 percent of U.S. adults read the Bible or other religious texts daily. There are about 267 million adults in the U.S. and Canada. That means about 40 million people reading the Bible daily."