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"If it takes America ten more years to solve its reading problems, where will your child be?"

This is book is brilliant! Henry has an important method and strategy here and one that can have a huge impact—after all, children are our future. I hope it goes viral through the school systems and beyond.” 


Terry Tillman (Leadership & Human Resource Consultant)

"I have used the techniques with my kids. They really do work, and build self-confidence."

Kim P., Leander, Texas

"Henry shared Point to Reading™ with me back when my son was about 6 years old. His passion for this method combined with his profoundly logical reasoning for why we need to teach reading differently won me over and I gladly began using this method with my son. I already had been reading to him so it was an easy transition to share the story and take turns reading. His vocabulary skyrocketed, he wasn’t afraid of reading big books and we were able to stop along the way to discuss the books and values that were presented in the story.

He just completed 5th grade and his teacher said she has never had a student read so many books during a school year before. He simply loves to read! He consistently reads 400+ page books and moves through them quickly. Because he reads well he is better able to read and understand instructions for schoolwork in other subjects such as math and science. I believe his high reading ability has helped him be a better student in all subjects. My second son is showing the same results and I am using Point to Reading™ with my youngest son now. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone."

Doug W. - Oak Ridge, North Carolina

"My experience with the Point to Reading™ system was a great benefit to my daughter and I. We gained a wonderful relationship through reading. There was no pressure on her that she had to read at a certain level. We weren't worried about teaching her to read. We just read and she started to catch onto the words! It got to the point where she would stop me and tell me "I know that word!" After a while she started to ask me if she can read to me. That was such a blessing! Now she points to the words as she's reading her books or anything she reads. Thanks you so much Mr. Larsen for giving us the opportunity to use this with my daughter. I will continue to use PTR™.

Nena M., Alamogordo, New Mexico

"At first I'd read a paragraph and then my daughter would read one. We were looking up words she and I didn't know to get the most out of the story. We enjoyed reading together and having fun; it didn't feel like a lesson. We were learning together. By the time we finished she could read almost by herself. She still had trouble with a few words--nothing a quick look in the dictionary wouldn't solve. When we finished that book she just took off in reading. As her confidence grew, the better she got at it. The more she read, her maturity grew, as well as vocabulary and understanding. At age 7 she could pick up any book and read it with confidence. Now 13, she reads physics books for fun."

Brandy C., Lockhart, TX

So Many Benefits to Point to Reading™

And kids learn to read, too!


Is the point to reading only about learning how to read? So many methods focus on just that alone ⇒ learning how to read. Children do learn to read, but in the process they come to hate reading. By focusing on the love of reading, your child will receive many benefits that help build success in school. PTR™ offers your family a lot more than just knowing how to read.

Comprehension: the ability to talk about and understand the story.

Love of Reading: wanting to do it because they are really good at it.

Vocabulary & Writing Skills:  from reading high quality books.

Learn in Less Than a Year: Kids get bored and quit when it takes too long to learn something new.

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